Consulting work

Makter Consult Ltd. perform consulting work with License ЛК-000636/22.07.2008 , compliance assessment of investment projects and construction supervision.

Consulting activities and technical solutions in accordance with legislative requirements for implementation and competent technical solution to every question.

We strive to be better, respecting basic principles:

1. Loyalty to our customers. Mutual trust, respect and honesty.

2. Responsibility - for optimal results. We strive to be as helpful as possible to our customers.

3. Creativity - Creativity is a basic requirement for the promotion and growth.

4. Flexibility - Our work is based on the work quickly and appropriately in line with constantly changing external environment / laws and regulations / requirements and the customer, which is a prerequisite for mutual success. Organization - Good coordination and cooperation are the basis for achieving positive results.

5. Responsibility - "Makter Consult" Ltd. is responsible in its operations.